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Alireza Karduni, Ryan Wesslen, Sashank Santhanam, Isaac Cho, Svitlana Volkova, Dustin Arendt, Samira Shaikh, and Wenwen Dou. Can You Verifi This? Studying Uncertainty and Decision-Making about Misinformation in Visual Analytics. 2018 ICWSM long paper. Acceptance rate 16%. GitHub code

Ryan Wesslen, Sagar Nandu, Omar Eltayeby, Tiffany Gallicano, Sara Levens, Min Jiang, and Samira Shaikh. Bumper Stickers on the Twitter Highway: Analyzing the Speed and Substance of Profile Changes. 2018 ICWSM short paper. GitHub code SocArxiv Long Version

George Banks, Haley Woznyj, Ryan Wesslen, Katherine Frear, Gregory Berka, Heather Gordon, and Eric Heggestad (in press). Global work in multinational enterprise: New avenues and challenges for strategically managing human capital across borders. Journal of Management.

George Banks, Haley Woznyj, Ryan Wesslen, and Roxanne Ross (2018). A Review of Best Practice Recommendations for Text Analysis in R (and a User Friendly App). Journal of Business and Psychology. topicApp GitHub code Dataverse repo

  • An earlier version of this paper was presented at the 2017 Conference of the Southern Management Association.


Isaac Cho, Ryan Wesslen, Alireza Karduni, Sashank Santhanam, Samira Shaikh and Wenwen Dou. The Anchoring Effect in Decision-Making with Visual Analytics. In Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), 2017 IEEE Conference. GitHub

Isaac Cho, Ryan Wesslen, Svitlana Volkova, William Ribarsky, and Wenwen Dou. CrystalBall: A Visual Analytic System for Future Event Discovery and Analysis from Social Media Data. In Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), 2017 IEEE Conference. video demo

Tiffany D. Gallicano, Ryan Wesslen, and Jean-Claude Thill. From cluster tweets to retweets: A big data, rhetorical exploration of digital social advocacy in the context of the Charlotte protests on Twitter. In Proceedings of 2017 International Public Relations Research Conference.

  • Boston University Award for the Top Paper About Public Relations and the Social and Emerging Media.

Ryan Wesslen, Tiffany D. Gallicano, Jean-Claude Thill, and Sagar Nandu. Hot issue publics on Twitter: Analyzing Charlotte protests with computer-assisted text analysis. In 2017 International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2). presentation

Working Papers / PhD Research

Ryan Wesslen, Sashank Santhanam, Alireza Karduni, Isaac Cho, Samira Shaikh, and Wenwen Dou. Anchored in a Data Storm: How Anchoring Bias Can Affect User Strategy, Confidence, and Decisions in Visual Analytics, Mar 2018.

Alireza Karduni, Isaac Cho, Ryan Wesslen, Sashank Santhanam, Dustin Arendt, Svitlana Volkova, Samira Shaikh, and Wenwen Dou. Vulnerable to Misinformation? Verifi!, Mar 2018.

Dustin Arendt, Emily Grace, Ryan Wesslen, Svitlana Volkova, and Wenwen Dou. Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs for Visual Interactive Labeling Using a Representation-Free Classifier, Mar 2018.

Ryan Wesslen. Computer-Assisted Text Analysis for Social Science: Topic Models and Beyond, 2017. pdf presentation

Ryan Wesslen. Measuring media bias on Facebook with computer-assisted text analysis, Apr 2017. presentation

Oldie but a goodie

Ryan Wesslen. An Endogenous Dynamic General Equilibrium Model of Fertility for England 1881-1931. UNC Chapel Hill Undergraduate Thesis, 2007. Highest Honors in Economics.


“Visual Analytics as a Tool for Digital Social Experiments” pdf, 2018 ICWSM Lab and Field Workshop. June 2018.

“Investigating the impact of cognitive biases on exploratory visual analysis” (pptx), UNC Charlotte Cognitive Psychology Seminar. April 2018.

“Explainable AI: Opening Up the Black Box” (pptx), UNC Charlotte Analytics Frontiers 2018 Conference, Charlotte, NC. March 2018.

“Computer-Assisted Text Analysis for Social Science” (pptx), UNC Charlotte Organizational Science PhD program Seminar (Current Topics). February 2018.